About Jhonni 

While Jhonni has made a name for herself through her stints in reality tv, and presence on social media as Jhonni , she is first and foremost a talented musical artist, who not only sings but plays multiple musical  instruments!

Born Jzapal Jackson, on a military base in Georgia, she earned her music moniker from her quick temper, a trait she has worked to outgrow. As a young child, Jhonni  grew up in the church, where she honed her musical skills. She was impressed and inspired by a woman in the church who would sing while playing the piano. She started by banging on her grandma’s piano, teaching herself “Fur Elise”  by ear.  While her family didn’t have a lot of money, her mom was able to get her a keyboard from Walmart to hone her skills.

Soon she began using her musically-tuned ear to teach herself other instruments including guitar, drums, clarinet and violin.  Jhonni  never learned to read music, but has an amazing knack for mimicking what she hears. As a young teen, she was molested by her stepfather, and moved in with her biological dad. Unfortunately, soon after she answered an advertisement on Backpage, which led to her being human trafficked as a sex worker. These traumatic experiences and fast lifestyle aso led Jhonni  to dabble in drugs, starting at age 15.

By the age of 18 Jhonni began working as a stripper. She also began building up her social media presence, and used the platforms to network. On Christmas Day of 2013 tragedy struck,  Jhonni  witnessed a minor altercation with someone, leading to her boyfriend's fatal shooting in front of her. He had been such an inspiring presence for her, and the situation caused her to make a decision to dramatically change her life’s course. She quit drugs and started focusing more on her musical career. While social media may have helped her in becoming a familiar face, her Hustle and determination led to modeling appearances in Kay Slay’s Straight Stuntin, King, and XXL.

2021 has led to her return to WE TV’s Growing Up Hip-Hop. Jhonni’s  goal is to use all platforms to display her musical talents and pivot her career once more. She is involved in every aspect of her music: singing, writing, co-producing and directing her music videos. Though she is not afraid to admit she now has a team to assist in the process.

She has been gifting listeners ear drums since 2015, with releases that include “Revolver” and another string of singles in 2018 and 2019 including “Bad Woman,”“Speechless,” “Bon Appetit,”. During the quarantine of 2020 she filmed and directed ten new music videos, and dropped three singles and videos: “YEA”, ''Carlton”,(featuring LightSkinKeisha) and most recently “Pussy Control” Jhonni  has worked with other artists including Lil Donald, 1PLAYY, NeYo, Bernie Man, Elephant Man, Mariahlynn and more.

Jhonni begins 2021 with plans to release more music throughout the year, leading up to an EP in the spring. Eyeing the future, she wants to continue establishing a bonafide household name for herself, making great music, and step into speaking up for women's advocacy, entrepreneurship, in addition to humanitarian efforts.

Instagram: @IamJhonni


Twitter: @heresjhonniduh

YouTube: Jhonni Blaze TV